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This world full of dangers and thrilling adventures is waiting for you. And you need to survive and stay against all the enemies you will meet. But remember, every tough path is also full of kind people and small victories!

Take a look at your new world

After you pick a personage and customize the settings, you spawn in the random location without any items and food. From this moment your survival begins. You need to explore the biomes surrounding you in order to find necessary resources and food. The game has a crafting mechanism. Collect the resources you need and use them to craft various tools and other useful items. This way you are able to build the house, make weapons and even craft the tools to catch food for your hero.

You may ask, why do you need all those resources and crafting. The thing is, your hero is an average human. Yes, he has unique abilities as other characters in Don’t Starve. But he also requires food and has different needs. First, make sure he is healthy. Heal your hero after battles with monsters, do not let him get cold or overheat. Second, feed him delicious meals made from the animals you caught and fruits you collected. And lastly, remember to always bring light to the place you go, so he won’t lose sanity and become crazy.

Ready for the adventures?

When you are ready, you can try another mode that developers created for you. The moment you appear in the new place, you understand that you didn’t bring all your things to this world. That’s why you should begin everything from the start. Craft the things you require for your survival, and remember about the weapons. Sharp swords are the best for fighting, but make sure to bring other equipment to the battlefield too. Because in this mode you will fight with the most powerful monsters in this universe.

As in the previous regime, the day here consists of daytime, evening and night. And at night you still have to avoid darkness and hide in the buildings. But now another dangerous problem appeared on your way. The meeting with the bosses and your fights will affect your sanity and health. So you should prepare your personage for it. When you are bored, switch the characters and begin your adventure again in the new generated biome with different levels and enemies.

Press the start button and play this new version on this site. Discover what novelties developers put into this Don’t Starve part and beware of the darkness!