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Don’t Starve Game Online Free

When you begin this game, you receive one particular mission – to survive in this cruel world and protect your hero from various dangers surrounding him. And you need to complete this mission no matter what. Because who knows what will happen to this personage without your help.

What is waiting for you in this game?

In the beginning you are able to play in one mode. Later, you will receive the opportunity to try one more exciting regime. But first, let’s take a look at the survival mode. Pick your personage and let the game begin! You are able to play different heroes with various unique powers. You spawn on the randomly generated place in one of many existing biomes. As you remember, your mission is to stay alive.

Take a look at your needs. You have to find food for your personage, not let him become crazy and watch his health indicator. These three indicators are the most important thing that you have to pay attention to during the walkthrough.

Explore the locations surrounding you. Find useful items that can help you during the process. Get necessary resources and watch the time. The thing is, in the daytime you are able to do whatever you want. But when the night comes, you have to be prepared and protect your personage from all the horrors hiding there.

Learn the main rules of this world

When the moon comes to the sky, you need to quickly get to the place with many lights. The darkness affects your sanity. And this indicator affects your health too. But the worst problem is monsters. After meeting the monster you may receive damage, become more crazy or even die. To avoid it, craft weapons and tools and build a shelter. Another important thing is your food. Craft traps and place them in the forest.

Collect vegetables and fruits in different biomes. Or kill the animals wandering around. Prepare the tasty meals and eat them. The food will raise your sanity and health indicators too. The weather also is a problem in this world. Because you can easily get cold or overheat. And what if we tell you that it is not a complete list of dangers waiting for you here?

Fight for your life!

When you are ready, go and try the second mode. There you will meet all bosses developers created for you and try to defeat them. This regime is separated into different chapters. During the first chapter you won’t fight, so you can prepare for the mission. But the more days pass, the closer the grand battle is.

Craft destructive weapons that will help you, remember about various useful items and protective equipment. Different characters have unique abilities, so use them in fights too. Reach the most skilled monster and beat it to become a winner. Developers made a bunch of levels with different conditions, so you are able to try your skills in this regime many times.

We even didn’t tell you about all the personages and other activities in Don’t Starve. Moreover, with the last Newhome version a bunch of novelties were added to the process. Discover everything yourself while playing and enjoy your pastime!