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First thing you want to do when you wake up in an unknown place full of scary monsters without food and roof above your head? Run away to your home and forget everything as a bad nightmare. But the main hero in Don’t Starve needs to continue surviving!

You spawn on the location in a randomly generated biome. Your main aim is to survive and protect your personage from all the dangers appearing on his way. The most important thing you need to look at is his needs. Feed him to fulfill the need for food. Catch various animals with traps or go collect something edible from the forest or field.

The second indicator is his health. You can receive damage after meeting the monsters or wild animals. To fulfill it, eat and sleep, so you can recover from the attacks. When the night comes, the darkness becomes your biggest problem. Because walking in the darkness affects your last need – sanity. To not get crazy, repeat all the actions to fulfill other needs, and try to avoid meeting monsters.

But the game offers you another mode too. After you play a little, go and transfer to the adventure regime through the portal. There you also appear at a random location without all items you crafted and built in the previous world. Your aim is to defeat all bosses and survive all levels. For this purpose, you should prepare and craft the weapons, find food and other necessary items to survive.

Battle with all the monsters and reach the final level. Search for the resources you require in different biomes and use them in crafting and building processes. Get necessary tools and furniture, remember about light and hide in your buildings during night to avoid losing sanity. And visit other characters wandering around to find useful items and discover the information you need.

When you are bored with the current hero, go and begin Don’t Starve again with different personage. They have various abilities, so the walkthrough will be interesting and exciting!