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Don’t Starve is an exciting survival with a spooky atmosphere and lots of scary strong monsters. Explore, build, craft and battle to survive in the world you appeared in and not lose your mind. Press the start button, and let’s begin this thrilling game!

Take care of your character

You wake up in the world that was randomly generated by a system. A bunch of wild animals, different biomes and useful resources are surrounding you. And your main mission is to survive. Take a look at your hero. It has three different indicators. The first one shows the health points he has at this moment. The more you lose them, the closer you are to death. Second indicator tells you when you need to feed your personage.

Find the food till you lose the critical amount of points, and you will survive. And the last line is your sanity. It is affected by monsters, darkness and even weather. Moreover, if you lose too many points in the previous two indicators, you will become more crazy. To stabilize your sanity, eat, take a nap, sleep at home at night and beat the monsters quickly.

Your average day consists of daytime, evening and night. Evening is just a warning for you about the dangers hiding in the darkness. And the night is the time when you can’t be on the street without light. But in the daytime the work is waiting for you!

Explore this huge world to find the things you require

Despite spawning on the random location of this world, while exploring it you are able to find different biomes. Every biome has unique flora and fauna and useful resources you need for your survival. Find the resources you require and craft the necessary items to build and survive. When the night comes, you have to be in a safe place. And the adventure mode will surprise you even more. Find the special portal and transfer to the first level.

The monsters and powerful bosses and wandering around wishing to destroy you. Craft destructive weapons for your battle and defeat them to survive all the levels developers prepared for you. Remember about food. Catch animals and collect fruits in different biomes. When you unlock a new hero, you are able to play it too. All characters have unique powers. You can also meet various npc during your walkthrough and get useful items from them. Communicate with them and discover information and secrets they are hiding.

The atmosphere of this place makes you expect something creepy anytime. And because of the scary monsters, you can’t rest a minute. Start Don’t Starve right now and fully immerse yourself into this world.